Get your closet looking like your favourite fashion blogger’s! Featuring Aimee Song

song of style


Song of Styles Aimee Song has the most unique closet, and if you want one like hers, it’s all about personalizing it to the max! Having a chic closet is not about having it all together, its about making your closet uniquely yours. When you haven’t got the money to build the closet of your dreams take a few awesome tips from Aimee.


“I took a few photos of my closet before I moved out of my old place. I converted a spare bedroom into a closet and with the help of Wesley Mason, built the whole thing ourselves reusing old bookcases and shelves that we’ve already had. The whole thing is actually detachable so I’m doing this all over again at my new place which I’ll share once it’s done!”


If you want to see more of her awesome closet you can watch it below:

All images courtesy of songofstyles