Women Against Women

The Department of Women sparked debate this morning on twitter with a post related to the new Marie Claire ‘In Her Shoes’ series. Controversial Dj, Euphonik was featured in the series, which was met with distaste as he allegedly abused South Africa’s Favourite IT Girl Bonang.

euphonik Marie3

The Department of women twitter account felt the need to ask:

“what do you think of Euphonic being part of the ‘in He Heels’ campaign against abuse?  Is Bonang thinking Euphonik shouldn’t be part of the campaign? Didn’t she later withdrew Charges against Him?”


The grammar and spelling of the twitter post was horrific but the most sad part of this status was that a department that prides itself in advancing issues that affect women would say something so insensitive.

Many women go back to their abusers, but this does not in anyway take away the abuse. Twitter should be used to spark debates that lead to a positive change of thought and does not put women against one another. Clearly who ever is in charge of the twitter account may need to have their credentials reviewed and cautioned with a complementary English grammar lesson.


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