Spring Summer Eyeliner updates to your normal look.


We’re all used to the classic black winged eyeliner look that gives us Life! However, now is the time to upgrade our looks with a pop of colour. From White to Green, eyeliner colours are available at our local beauty stores but are you ready for the big upgrade?

We’ve gathered some of the most risky eyeliner choices for Summer 2015 and we’re hoping you’ll be willing to try them.


White Eyeliner

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Blue Eyeliner
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Green Eyeliner
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Orange Eyeliner
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Yellow Eyeline
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Simple makeup brush guide!

make up brushes

If you want to learn how to up your makeup game, a key part of making you look flawless is having the right make up brush set. Buying make up brushes can be tedious if you don’t know what they are for. You’ll be faced with multiple brushes and end up purchasing items that you’ll end up using in the wrong place.


A powder brush is the most essential element that should be apart of your brush set, this aided by a beauty blender sponge to blend foundation and concealer products. The rest of the brushes can get tricky but with our guide you’ll be on your way to being a makeup brush guru!

These are the basic brushes you’ll need!

makeup brush

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Beauty Lust Have: Christian Louboutin $90 Lipstick

Christian Louboutin has announced the launch of his new lipstick range!

Following the success of his nail polish line, The famous shoe designer we all love, has launched a new range to expand the Louboutin empire.


The Lipstick will launch in September 2015 on ChristianLouboutin.com and is set to break out beauty budgets at $90 a piece!

While we save up to possibly have this luxurious piece, will you be thinking of buying?

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All images are courtesy of Christian Louboutin.


greek beauty secrets

Greek women are known for their beauty secrets from ancient history. We’ve gathered some of the best beauty secrets that will leave your skin ageless and glowingly gorgeous!


1. HONEY: Because of its well know anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Honey is a go-to for Greek women. When honey is used alone or mixed with milk it is the best skin softener and gives skin a beautiful glow.

2. OLIVES: As a staple of many Greek diets dating back to the ancient times, olives have proved to be the best natural anti-aging source. They contain a high mineral, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory source of nutrients, its as easy as adding a drizzle of olive oil to your favourite salad and watching the aging process reverse.

3. SEA SALT: The best natural exfoliant! All you have to do is mix it with olive oil and add a bit of water to create a natural facial scrub. To help remove blackheads and giving your skin a radiant glow, massage the scrub in circular motions. It has also been used on legs, to improve circulation and help reduce cellulite.

4.OREGANO: As the most favoured Greek product for skin care, it will keep your skin protected from environmental toxins. It has great anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and has even been made into tablets. You can add Oregano to add flavor to your food as a herb or oil to keep your skin looking gorgeous

5. OLIVE OIL: Olive oil has been used by Greek women on skin and hair for many years. It is revered for its hydrating properties and is best used by mixing it with sugar or salt to create a hydrating body scrub, for healthy hair by applying it to your locks for 10minutes and rinsing and washing out.

We hope these tips keep you looking radiant and forever young!


Source: www.savoirflair.com







Most people don’t like drinking water, the latest solution is Fruit infused water.

A simple fresh fruity way; without preservatives, to make drinking water fun and easy!


BLOGGERS: It’s also a great way to add some health to your Blog or Instagram!




What you will need:

  • 1L Jug

  • 16 strawberries (medium size) sliced thin
  • 8 sprigs of mint

  • 1 liter water and Ice

  • Serve after 30 minutes.