Fancy Footwear: Winter Must haves!


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We’ve got your winter must have boots, from your ankles to your knees you’ll be warm in style this winter!


1. ALDO Olenalla Boots

2. Mr Price Jelly Shoes

3. Bronx pointy elastic slip on ankle Boots

4. Timberland Glancy 6 inch heeled boots in wheat nubuck

5. Trenery for Woolworths clean suede slouch boot

6. Truworths Burgundy pointed knee high

7. Topshop Collide Leather over knee boots

8. Nine West Niscayuna Leather Boots

9. Zara High Heeleed Bootie with cut-out

10. Steve Madden Drillbit Bootie

11.  Forschini Quilted Platform townshoe



HOW To Start A Blog with SUPERFICIALGIRL blogger Carlinn

2451303_lookbookOne of South Africa’s best bloggers Carlinn of Superficialgirl has one of the most influential blogs in the country and she has tips you’ll love on how to start your own blog.









Carlinn’s blog is one of the most recognized blogs in the country, she has built a enviable social media following and her ‘blogging for beginners ‘ tips, will have your blog one step closer to where you want to be in the blog world.

Here’s her YouTube video on how to start a blog.


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Starting your own blog is not always as simple as many may say, but we’ve come up with 5 tricks that will help you get going.


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The blog bug has bitten many South Africans and with this boom in blogging it is essential to build a unique brand that not only carves you a niche in the blog world but gets you business deals. Building a brand is not as difficult as you may think, all you need are the following:

1. Your own unique logo, there are many ways to create this using font apps or cool fashion apps like POLYVORE not only does it help you with cool fonts but you can create cool fashion, décor and beauty sets too!

2. Your branding must be consistent on all your social media platforms, this makes it easier for you to reach as many followers as possible.

3. Once you’re happy with your new blog identity, always be true to yourself and run with it. There will always be other blogs but once users have taken a liking to your brand loyalty will always follow.


If you were ever told social media doesn’t matter, you sadly were lied to! You cannot be a blogger without  having more than one open space where people can follow you and comment about your work. Having Blog and Facebook wont do anymore you will need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and possibly YouTube. at least 5 social Media platforms are required to make your voice heard and build a loyal following.


Many bloggers have neglected the importance of clear imaging and it has lead to a poor following. People want to see that you take pride in your blogging and good photography is where it starts. You don’t have to have the most expensive Camera but you can have apps that’s enhance your imaging and make your blog vision clear.

An app we Love:  SNAPSEED This google app is easy to use and gives great results, it’s even used by Australian Fashion Blogger Margaret Zang of


When starting out, it is vital to consistently post content, you cannot leave your followers with nothing to view for days on end. Juggling a blog and your day to day job may be hard but good organizational skills are key and we have one to help you keep up.

Preplan your posts! It would be wise to use your weekends to write up at least 3 posts you would like your viewers to see for the week. This helps you have a less stressful week with your weekly tasks being a simple ‘publish’ click of your preplanned drafts on your blog and telling your social media followers that your post has gone live. It also helps to have a blog folder for the week where you will store all the content you wish to use. Having this folding on your phone or tablet or computer makes social media posts readily easy and quick.


Having a blog should be a fun, de-stressing experience that lets you let loose and tell the world what’s on your mind. It should be about your thoughts and opinions, which is why its is important to stay true to yourself and get a true following that doesn’t make you compromise your values. Remember the minute you start over compromising your doing something wrong.

We hope these tips have helped your blog journey!