Women who’ve inspired us this women’s month!

In celebration of Women’s Month, we have gathered South African women who have contributed to the fashion/media industry. We hope the strength these women have shown will impart a sense of courage to achieve you dreams while giving back to the empowerment of women.


1. Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe



Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe is the Executive Chairperson of  AFI-African Fashion International. AFI promotes the work of African fashion designers and business development in the African fashion industry. Through the Design For Life initiative, AFI not only empowers disadvantaged women from townships, it also supports education and the diagnosis of breast cancer in women from rural communities. Her passion for global health issues led to the creation of the Johannesburg-based Motsepe Family Foundation which aims to empower poorer communities in South Africa through health and education.

“It is really about wanting to help uplift the lives of women. I want opportunities created to help women find sustainable jobs. Most of the people involved in fashion – seamstresses, models, make-up artists – are women. From my work as a doctor, I understand that the health of women who are not economically empowered is jeopardised. And in terms of who is poor in this country, women are at the bottom of the pile.” – Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe


2. Khanyi Dhlomo



Khanyi Dhlomo is the founder of Ndalo Media, a joint Media 24 venture that publishes Destiny Magazine and Destiny Man. These successful publications combine business and lifestyle content that caters to the successful, intellectual and stylish men and women. Khanyi also serves as a director of Foschini retail group and sits on the advisory board of the University of Stellenbosch Business School. In 2013 she launched Luminance, a South African luxury multi-brand store which offers a world class shopping experience with an African appeal. The store offers brands by both local and international designers that are globally recognized.

“Having the courage to recognize what really serves you and your needs best- no matter what others might have to say about you- is the first step to wisdom” – Khanyi Dhlomo


3. Basetsana Kumalo



Former Miss South Africa Basetsana Kumalo better known as ‘Bassie’, is the 50% partner of Twelopele Productions, which produces our favourite TV shows Topbilling, Pasella and Ses’Khona. In 1999 Tswelopele merged with Union Alliance Media and was listed on the JSE, making her one of the youngest black women directors to be part of the mainstream of the South African economy. She also negotiated the first external contract to be awarded by the SABC to an all female production company. Since then, she has opened a publishing division in the company and launched the very successful Top Billing Magazine, started her own make-up, clothing and sunglasses range, and still has business interests in mining and property.

“Children are our future and the mainstay of an economically thriving nation. If we can look after our young we will be a winning nation” – Basetsana Kumalo


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Women Against Women

The Department of Women sparked debate this morning on twitter with a post related to the new Marie Claire ‘In Her Shoes’ series. Controversial Dj, Euphonik was featured in the series, which was met with distaste as he allegedly abused South Africa’s Favourite IT Girl Bonang.

euphonik Marie3

The Department of women twitter account felt the need to ask:

“what do you think of Euphonic being part of the ‘in He Heels’ campaign against abuse?  Is Bonang thinking Euphonik shouldn’t be part of the campaign? Didn’t she later withdrew Charges against Him?”


The grammar and spelling of the twitter post was horrific but the most sad part of this status was that a department that prides itself in advancing issues that affect women would say something so insensitive.

Many women go back to their abusers, but this does not in anyway take away the abuse. Twitter should be used to spark debates that lead to a positive change of thought and does not put women against one another. Clearly who ever is in charge of the twitter account may need to have their credentials reviewed and cautioned with a complementary English grammar lesson.


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Celeb Gym wear, everywhere!

Celebs such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more: have made sports wear wearable anywhere! Sports wear companies and designers have changed the way we think of sports wear. It has become more about making your gym wardrobe practical, comfortable and stylish.


Rihanna : Image Source



Kim Kardashian-West : image source



Vanessa Hudgens : image source


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: image source



Kat Graham : image source

khloe gym

Khloe Kardashian : image source

Adidas by Stella McCartney SS 2015


Stella_McCartney_05_1366-683x1024SHOP THE LOOK




5 Skills successful young entrepreneurs need

successful entrepreneurs

It is no misnomer that South Africa needs more young entrepreneurs. Many of the youth are struggling to get jobs due to lack of experience which can not be gained, due to lack of experience. If you have the entrepreneurial bug in you, we’ve got 5 skills you’ll need to make it.


1. Schedule: Manage your time

Consistency is key in running a business, it is important to maximize you schedule to its greatest capacity and get enough work done. A balanced life will help you prioritize your time well to help you be successful while maintaining important relationships and having a healthy mind and body.

whether its getting a diary or an app that helps you manage your time well, keep it cheap and simple so that you actually use this tool.


2. Passion: Keep the passion alive

It has been said that 90% of start up businesses fail. The keep to preventing this is realizing that failure is inevitable but one must learn and keep on going. If you know there is a chance of failure, you must have ways to keep you going despite the odds. There are many sources of inspiration that you could us, such as having a mentor, following a social media platform that has inspirational quotes and finally going to business conferences regularly.


3. Goals: Set daily goals

Time waits for no man, the key to making sure you use your days adequately is ensuring that your actions line up to your main priorities. When your sitting thinking of the activities of your day, you should be able to think of the moments that could have been improved. It is essential to constantly be learning and improving your mistakes. Even Medical practitioners have been taught to take time to reflect on medical experiences to help them excel, why not use this tool.


4. Tools: Social media and online reviews

Young people are the most tech savvy people around. It is key to use this skill to drive the right exposure to your business. As a young entrepreneur starting out, social media platforms are the easiest way to drive product exposure without spending large amounts of money. You already know what’s trending in your sleep, now let your business do the trending.


5. Your Network: mentors and peers

If someone told you, you don’t need a mentor they were lying! We are all influenced by something or someone, why not make sure the influence bring money to the bank. Whether you know them personally or have profiled them from books or business magazine, it is important to find out what made them successful and use it in your business.

It is also smart to know what your fellow young entrepreneurs are doing and collaborate with them. Bringing together business ideas that will benefit both businesses, is one way to give back and make bank. With that being said, don’t be naïve make sure all ideas have contracts or patents, you don’t want to lose it all over personal relationship breakdowns.


Shop Brett Robson!

IMG_1214Brett Robson

“My style is not set in stone. One day I am urban chic. The next day I am more formal and dressy. But no matter what I wear, I feel I add my own “vibe” to it. I love a saucy short hem and a hint of sex appeal in everything I wear.” –Brett Robson

Introducing Brett Robson, well known South African fashion blogger turned fashion designer has launched her first collection.

With her fashion blog, Fashion by Brett Robson, being influential in the fashion industry and gaining followers from all over South Africa and parts of Africa. The Durban based fashion blogger is set to make an exciting introduction into the fashion scene in 2015 as she launches her first clothing line and online shop this month of May.

The Fashion blogger studied fashion design and now works as a designer/merchandiser in the South African Clothing industry. Her Job has provided her with the unique opportunity to understand how the world of clothing works and how to go about starting her own clothing line, which has always been an ambition of hers. Thus the first collection, self–‐titled ‘Brett Robson’ Was created.

Brett tells us that she started blogging in 2010 as a hobby after quitting her first job out of college. It started as a general fashion blog but quickly progressed into a personal style blog after she saw how many people were interested in what she was wearing.

Brett Robson is a name that is already known in the fashion industry but she has just taken her brand to the next level!

The Collection

The Ready to wear collection that Brett has put together was inspired by some of the most important looks for 2015 such as fringing, joggers and neoprene fabrication. The ‘slick jogger’ is one of her favourite pieces in this collection. Brett combines the jogger look with another hot trend, leatherette, and created a piece that she fell in love with.

Brett Has been involved in every process of putting this collection together, sourcing fabrics from overseas suppliers, production, garment technology, web development and sales. This Project has been in the making since August 2014. A Huge challenge for her throughout this time, was having to find balance between being a fashion blogger, her career and now having to make time for this new venture.

Here is a preview of her fabulous collection…











The blogger and designer says that creating garments is not as simple as having a sketch and wanting that to be made into an actual garment. There are many steps in between.

While this collection will be available at various stock lists, Brett has used her online experience and business savvy to open an online shop where the entire collection will be available.

“Opening the online shop was not on the cards initially, but as the project progressed, it seemed like a natural part of the process.” She said.

We are excited that she has ventured into designing and bringing us and you a fresh take on the latest trends. We will be posting a editorial on her awesome line and how to wear it soon!

We hope you will be shopping her awesome online store, here’s how:

visit:  www.shopbrettrobson.com

Follow Brett:







Article credit: Brett Robson , Pink Vanilla