5 Lust have Spring/Summer fragrances you’ll love!


Your summer scent should not be complicated, it should remind you of your favourite or dream vacation, a fun cocktail and a sunny day to remember. Choosing the right scent can be a bit of a hassle but with this lust have  summer fragrance list, you will be smelling good all through summer!



  1. Versace Eros Pour Femme


It smells like: The perfect opulent scent, crisp, clean, summer at its best with a hint of Mediterranean  vacation fun!



2. Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino



It smells like: A Floral walk of life that is nothing less than perfect for your summer splurge!



Elie Saab Le Perfum the resort collection


It smells like: The sun seating over the sea as you’re surrounded by fresh, light, fruit and flowers.


Roberto Cavalli

Robetro Cavalli Paradiso



It smells like: that moment of happiness when you feel relaxed as you smell a bouquet of flowers on a newly made wooden table.


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Delicate


It smells like: A delicate walk through a pink rose garden.


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Say Goodbye to Contouring and Hello to Strobing!

Women all over the world have learned to give their faces an instant no surgical update through contouring. We’ve all watched our favourite celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and YouTube Beauty Vlogger Carli Bybel , teach us the ticks of the contouring trade but now its time to say goodbye.



images source

Strobing is the easy everyday, art of highlighting to get the perfect glow. Now sometimes getting the perfect glow can make you look sweaty but with this technique you’ll be looking like the perfect goddess.


image source


  1. moisturize your skin and ensure it does not look dry or dull. For oily skin use an oil free product.
  2. Find a highlighting product that best suits your skin tone.
  3. Only apply the highlighting product to areas that catch light.
  4. To get the perfect glow only use shimmer in your highlighting areas and keep your bronzer and blush matte.

Celebrity who use the technique:

Kendall Jenner



Lupita Nyongo





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Beauty Lust Have: Christian Louboutin $90 Lipstick

Christian Louboutin has announced the launch of his new lipstick range!

Following the success of his nail polish line, The famous shoe designer we all love, has launched a new range to expand the Louboutin empire.


The Lipstick will launch in September 2015 on ChristianLouboutin.com and is set to break out beauty budgets at $90 a piece!

While we save up to possibly have this luxurious piece, will you be thinking of buying?

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All images are courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

10 South African Vloggers you should be following!

sa vloggers

Every woman loves a good YouTube channel with beauty tips that let you reinvent your look every once in a while. Vloggers (YouTube bloggers) have taken the beauty scene by strorm! From everyone’s favourites like, Carli Bybel to Beauty by JJ. These Vloggers have helped us contour and shape our brows to the highest level of FLEEK!

If you’ve been looking for South African Vloggers who use products you can actually purchase at your local beauty store, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 South African beauty vloggers you should be subscribed to.


1. Carlin of Superficialgirls


You can watch her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.superficialgirls.com


2. Brett Robson


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel. Don’t forget to SHOP her awesome clothing line!

blog: www.brettrobson.com


3. Simone of Canvas Fashions

sims canvas

View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.canvasfashions.blogspot.com


4. Pink Peiones blog by Luzanne


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.pinkpeonies.co.za


5. Kamo Mafokwane of Willkatelady


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.willkatelady.com


6. Leanne Van Breda of Arum Lilea


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.arumlilea.com


7.. Lipgloss Kisses by Chicara


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.lipglosskisses.com


8. The Glam Green Girl

Untitled 2

View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.theglamgreengirl.com


9. Bronwyn Hoedemaker


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.mothercitymom.com


10. Kandy Kane


View her videos HERE and subscribe to her channel.

blog: www.kandykane.co.za


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How to get naturally longer eyelashes!


There isn’t a women who would love naturally long eye lashes. They open and brighten your eyes! Now if you’ve tried false lashes you know they can irritate your eyes and certain eyelash glues can cause blindness.


We’ve found a great way for you to get thicker and longer lashes with 3 easy to find products! Yes that’s right, just three products namely:

1. Castor oil (Key ingredient)

2. Vitamin E oil

3. Coconut oil


We’ve also added a video to help you make your own eyelash serum. Tweet us @s_k_v_fashion when you get results.