The Face of Turmeric : How to transform your skin


Turmeric Poweder is an ancient Indian powder favourite, that has recently caused a beauty TREND!!!

If you haven’t seen your favourite beauty blogger go on about its properties, you’ve clearly been getting enough beauty sleep!

The bright yellow powder made from grinding turmeric rhizomes and used for food flavouring, colouring and yes, our current favourite use; Cosmetic purposes!

Turmeric is rich in dietary fibre, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6. Besides these awesome properties, it helps clear, acne scars, decreases inflammation and reduces sebaceous gland oil secretion.


Here’s how to make an easy turmeric mask:

take 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder

10 spoons of water.

mix the ingredients till you get a yoghurt consistency. (use a metal spoon and wear an old T-shirt to prevent staining)

Apply for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

It may stain your skin yellow, but it will normalise after a day. Best applied at night.

Kerry Washington to release nail polish collection with OPI

kerry washington

Kerry Washington AKA The Olivia Pope who always has a great manicure has nailed a new role as OPI’s creative ambassador. Now we can all purchase a bottle of her fun style!

According to Womens Wear Daily, the Scandal star is set to collaborate with OPI’s creative director Suzi Weis-Fischmann in a range that will be released later this year.


Kerry’s current favourite OPI nail polish include Big Apple Red and You Don’t Know Jacques. “This is going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to testing out new colours on the red carpet. The fun for me, is that nails lives in the crossover space between fashion and beauty” Kerry told Womens Wear Daily.


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Spring Summer Eyeliner updates to your normal look.


We’re all used to the classic black winged eyeliner look that gives us Life! However, now is the time to upgrade our looks with a pop of colour. From White to Green, eyeliner colours are available at our local beauty stores but are you ready for the big upgrade?

We’ve gathered some of the most risky eyeliner choices for Summer 2015 and we’re hoping you’ll be willing to try them.


White Eyeliner

image: source
Blue Eyeliner
image: source
Green Eyeliner
image: source
Orange Eyeliner
image: source
Yellow Eyeline
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Kylie Jenner launches lip kit by Kylie!


Kylie Jenner has revealed the launch date of her highly anticipated Lip Kit on instagram. The kit will feature 3 colours, Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K. The lip kit includes a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. The LipkitbyKylie will be sold online world wide in exactly 5 hours! 30 November 2015!

lipkit 4

The lip kit announcement was met with a new page following of 340 000  fans in 20hours! It seems Kylies lip power is supper strong!

lip kit 1 lip kit 2

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lip kit 3


All images courtesy of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page!

Simple makeup brush guide!

make up brushes

If you want to learn how to up your makeup game, a key part of making you look flawless is having the right make up brush set. Buying make up brushes can be tedious if you don’t know what they are for. You’ll be faced with multiple brushes and end up purchasing items that you’ll end up using in the wrong place.


A powder brush is the most essential element that should be apart of your brush set, this aided by a beauty blender sponge to blend foundation and concealer products. The rest of the brushes can get tricky but with our guide you’ll be on your way to being a makeup brush guru!

These are the basic brushes you’ll need!

makeup brush

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